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MDS stands for Managed Document Services. It is superior to Managed Print Services (MPS) because where MPS only focuses on output, MDS optimizes your entire document output process from capturing to archiving, workflows to security and environmental impact. This holistic approach makes MDS a unique and vital strategy for every company that wants to look at its entire potential for cost reduction. In fact, experience shows that MDS can reduce output costs by around 30%

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What Is Managed Print Services?

MDS takes holistic approach to document management consisting of 5 phases.


We begin by gathering data and understanding your business. This includes a professional assessment of your entire document environment from fleet audit to financial, volumetric and energy data. Using in-depth analyses, as well as interviews and surveys, our assessment phase highlights all areas of wastage and poor productivity across your organization. The result is a clear report showing exactly where money can be saved and processes optimized.

As part of the assessment, we analyse the following vital areas:


What’s the ideal combination of hardware, software and process development to optimise your system? Based on the results of Phase 1, we’ll maximise your return on investment, by focusing on:


When we’ve assessed your system and agreed a solution with you, we implement that solution. This process is carried out by our expert team of change management professionals, and is designed to ensure minimum disruption to your business, from installation to training.


Our management service is committed to delivering optimised performance, reliability and cost-efficiency. With a range of on-site and remote support capabilities, we take care of your entire document infrastructure, keeping workflows at peak levels and looking after time-consuming daily administration.


Once we’ve optimised your print environment, we’ll continually assess your device fleet and workflows for new ways to improve cost-cutting and performance. We’ll provide:

Why choose Kyocera’s MDS by Jupiter?

Kyocera MDS offered by Jupiter is the perfect solution for more efficient, economical and environmentally-friendly document output. It is a total solution that optimizes your entire output process from hardware to workflows and staff productivity regardless of what brand your devices may be. Jupiter also ensures industry-leading support through our fast Help Desk and Remote Monitoring. So you can now get all the output management services you need from a single, reliable source. And when you choose Kyocera’s hardware and software, you also enjoy the following benefits and reassurances:


Our Process


Jupiter Technology uses a secure data collection tool to identify your current service needs and pain points, in order to identify the right solution for you.


We develop short and long-term strategies suitable for your business, including device replacement strategies, recommendations on devices to refresh, and overall education and support. We also take into consideration inventory stocking.


Our work doesn’t end when we deploy/set up the solution we tailor-made for you. We continue to work with you, providing responsive service to help with your future needs or support any issues that arise.


We carry out automated meter reads and reporting, and continually supply shipments to stay on top of your operations. We also check in with you regularly to monitor and optimize your entire system. It’s more than just toner.


Reduced costs. Less environmental impact. More security. Increased employee productivity and satisfaction. MDS has many practical advantages.


Complete Cost Transparency and Savings of Up to 30%


Increased Productivity and Employee Motivation


Professional, Customized and from a Single Source.
With only one point of contact, MDS saves you trouble and manpower.


Improved Environmental and Sustainability Management.
Kyocera’s MDS helps reduce your energy and resource consumption, improving your balance sheet ecologically as well as economically.


Improved Monitoring and Protection of Data and Documents